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Safety Safety Safety

Poor Jack Amusements number one concern is the safety of it's guests.  Whether it's the safety of our guests on the rides or just spectators walking the grounds, we want to make sure that you are safe.

All of our rides and support equipment are carefully inspected each day prior to opening by one of our certified supervisors as well as each week after being set-up by either the local fire department or state amusement ride inspector.  Rides are inspected thoroughly for cracks and fractures, missing pins, electrical hazards, proper blocking, and other issues that could lead to the unsafe operation of the device.  Each winter, rides are thoroughly repaired at our Milton, Indiana winter quarters facility where we refurbish and repair existing equipment.

Poor Jack Amusements developed it's own measurement system to help determine what rides children can ride on based on their height.  Outside each ride, you will see a Red, Yellow, and Green colored pole.  While standing next to the pole, if your height falls in the red portion of the pole, you are not allowed to ride.  If your height falls within the yellow portion of the pole, you are permitted to ride with an adult.   If your height falls within the green portion of the pole, you are safe to ride by yourself.  We recommend that you download our printer friendly height requirement list before attending one of our events to see what rides your child can ride.  You can download the list by clicking here.

On the midway, we recommend that you follow several important rules to help keep yourself safe:

  • WALK, do not run on the grounds and ride decks.
  • USE a safety device when supplied such as a lap bar, harness, or seat belt.
  • DO NOT stand up while the ride is in motion.
  • FOLLOW height and safety rules posted outside each ride.
  • USE common sense!


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